Pooch & Mutt Health & Digestion Treats for Dogs

One of our little ones has stomach problems, so we were recommended to try Pooch & Mutt Health & Digestion treats. I am always sceptical to try out new brands and varieties on this particular dog, as the consequences are not good for me (imagine the impossible picking up of the runny poo scerario!), but bought these particular treats from Amazon to give them a go.

We are still training this dog, so she is delighted to do anything to please for a treat. We did a 15 minute training session with her – i.e. sit, down, wait etc and she LOVED the taste of these so was more than happy to oblige in order to gain one of these tasty little tidbits.

The telling time for us is the next few hours, once digested, to see if they will have an affect on her. Well, to our delight, nothing! Not a single bit of evidence of an upset stomach – we have one happy dog, and one happy owner!

Below is how Pooch and Mutt describe these treats:-

A great treat for dogs with sensitive stomachs or poor digestion
Contains parsley, which aids digestion
Contains charcoal to help reduce wind
Contains chicory which is a natural prebiotic
Natural, ethical, wheat free, low calorie and UK made

And, we are giving this product a big thumbs/paws up!

At the time of our purchase, this product came in a pack of three and was £8.14

Click link below to purchase.
Pooch & Mutt Health & Digestion Treats for Dogs 125g (Pack of 3)

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