Healthy treats for dogs from your own fridge

How to feed your dog a healthy snack from your fridge

There are times when you are caught out with no store-bought dog treats in your cupboard, and there are times when you want to treat your dog to some healthy raw options. Here’s our top 5 foods that we regularly pull out of our fridge for our furry friends to enjoy.

1. Carrots

A carrot is a great snack to give. Great if you are on the go as can be packed in your bag easily, and great to give straight from the fridge as a delicious cooling bite. Frozen carrots can be used in the same way, and is a great treat on a warm day. They are great for teeth too!

You can also cook the carrot down and add it to your dog’s dinner for a nutritional boost. Pack a raw baby carrot or two for a great on-the-go dog treat. Or cook them and mash into your dog’s dinner for a sweet and healthy addition.

2. Red Peppers

Red peppers are high in vitamins, and are en enjoyable sweet treat to give. These can be cut into strips and frozen for a great cooling-down bite.


Cauliflower is a cancer-fighting cruciferous vegetables (like broccoli and cabbage). These can be chopped up small and added to your dog’s regular dinner. Please be careful to not feed your dog too much cauliflower as it can cause gas which will be uncomfortable for your dog.

4. Apples

We know from experience that dogs love a bite of a sweet, crispy slice of apple. Apples are a great source of calcium, vitamin K, vitamin C, and pectin (soluble fibre). Please remove the pips, core and the stem before offering as a treat.

5. Cheese

Cheese is popular amongst the dog community, and is a fabulous high-value reward for training. Avoid feeding your dog a soft-cheese, and limit the amount of hard cheese as it can be very high in calories.

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